Classic Game Room HD reviews RISE OF FLIGHT the First Great Air War for PC. This WW1 World War 1 flight simulator is one heck of a game chaps. Drop seven pillars of whoop ass on enemies with World War 1 airplanes like the Spad and Niuport 17! Fly WWI missions with a variety of planes and machine gun observation balloons, other pilots and everything that you can see. The scars of trench warfare are below you as you fly over no-man's-land and bomb cannons. Visually stunning with an enormous amount of detail, Rise of Flight will be a dream come true for many flight game enthusiasts. With all of the "easy buttons" turned off the game is a flight simulator where your plane is batted around in the wind like a paper airplane. You can adjust difficulty and tweak the physics to make it more arcade-style, which is what I did. Gameplay is relatively smooth, sounds great and packs an enormous sense of scale and realism. This CGR review of Rise of Flight has gameplay from Rise of Flight showing airplane combat from World War 1 in this WW1 flight simulator action video game for your computer! Works with flight stick or keyboard (use a flight stick). You can turn your guy's head around and look out the plane with the mouse. Outstanding graphics and details in the cockpit, could have used more monsters though.

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