The film is about friendship of three girls: Sarah Elizabeth(Roma), Pooja Krishna(Parvati Menon) and Sridevi (Maria), all studying in 12th standard at Lord's Academy in Ooty.Sreedevi falls in love with a schoolmate, Sooraj Menon (Sooraj). Though hesitant at first, Sarah and Pooja approve their love after being convinced of Sooraj's sincerity. During an excursion to Goa, Sreedevi and Sooraj engage in sex, and eventually she becomes pregnant, much to the shock of Sarah and Pooja, and moreover herself. They keeps the news to themselves, fearing the wrath of Sreedevi's parents; even Sooraj is kept in the dark, fearing that the news may leak out. They decide to go for an abortion in a small hospital near their school.


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